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About the FSCC

The Forest Sector Charter Council (Council) was established through the Forest Sector Charter. It is legally constituted as a section 21 Company. It consists of 19 members, 9 representing industry, 3 representing Government departments, 3 representing communities, 2 labour representatives and 2 members from skills and funding institutions. The Council is currently chaired by Dr. Diphoko Mahango.


  • The Council reports to the;
  • Minister of Trade and Industry (Dti) and
  • Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF)


  • Encourage, support and facilitate the implementation of the Charter undertakings (targets and instruments),
  • Monitor and report on implementation of the Charter undertakings and
  • Inform stakeholders on the opportunities and benefits of the Charter
  • Monitor & report on B-BBEE in the forest sector


A transformed and sustainable Forest Sector fully compliant with the Forest Sector Code.


Support, promote, guide, facilitate and monitor transformation of the Forest Sector by securing stakeholders compliance with the requirements of the Forest Sector Code.


Good governance; Transparency; Commitment to Service; People Centred, Dynamism, Respect for Integrity; Respect for confidentiality; Trust amongst and between stakeholders.

Charter Council Members